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Home » Service Line Insurance Coverage
February 17, 2022

Service Line Insurance Coverage

Many people do not realize that homeowners are responsible for the cost of repairing service lines that run under their homes. Underground utility lines can be difficult to access and expensive to repair. Service line coverage can help cover the costs of fixing service lines that connect your household to vital utility services.  

If you are curious about how service line coverage may help you protect your access to important utility services or if you have service line coverage and want to understand how it works, contact McCartan Insurance Group today.  

What Is Service Line Coverage? 

Service line coverage is a popular rider that many homeowners add to their home insurance. This policy provides coverage for all of the utility lines running under your home that provide connections to the city’s main supply.  

Service lines may connect your home to the following: 

  • Water 

  • Electricity 

  • Internet 

  • Steam 

  • Sewage 

  • Gas 

  • Steam 

  • Telephone 

  • Fiber optics  

How Do Service Lines Get Damaged? Modern house

Service lines may fail due to many incidents, including an earthquake, severe weather, landscaping accidents, normal wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, corrosion, tree root infiltration or rodents. Construction in your neighborhood could damage lines that are fragile due to rust. Excavation is a common cause of service line damage, including water main breaks.  

Even if it’s not your fault that a service line is damaged, it’s still up to you to pay for repairs so you can regain access to essential utilities. Damage to a sewer line, for example, may cost thousands of dollars to repair.  

What Type of Protection Does Service Line Coverage Provide? 

Depending on your policy, service line coverage may provide help with the following: 

  • Outdoor property repairs 

  • Loss of use if a covered repair forces you to vacate your home temporarily 

  • Line excavation 

  • Repair of lines 

  • Replacement costs 

Is Service Line Coverage Required? 

If you have a mortgage, your lender requires you to purchase a minimum amount of insurance to help make repairs to your home after a covered event like a fire or storm. They may also require that you have a liability policy. Although service line coverage isn’t typically required by a lender, many homeowners choose to include this coverage with their homeowners policy.  

Contact Your Agent About Service Line Coverage Today 

If you see service line coverage on your homeowners insurance policy, you already have this vital coverage included with your insurance plan. Contact your agent at McCartan Insurance Group in West Des Moines, Iowa, today to learn more about this valuable coverage or to add it from your policy.