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Benefits of Working With an Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance can be a complicated and nuanced subject. Given how intimidating the process of assessing your needs, exploring your options and acquiring ideal policies may be, working with a suitable insurance professional is advisable. However, even choosing who to work with can be a complex situation that requires you to understand various options. With this in mind, you should take time to understand how independent insurance agents work and the potential advantages of working with one.

What Do Independent Agents Do?

As their name may suggest, independent insurance agents are not bound to selling the products of a single insurance company (e.g., Nationwide, Farmers, Geico, etc.). Rather, independent insurance agents can typically offer policies from several companies, potentially providing a greater variety of options. Under these transactions, agents can act as bridges between policyholders and insurance providers.

What Is the Difference Between Independent Agents and Exclusive Agents?

Independent insurance agents are one of the most common ways for you to explore and acquire adequate coverage. These professionals generally contrast with exclusive agents and understanding the following differences can help you ensure you’re working with the right person:

Exclusive agents, also known as captive agents, work with a single insurance company and are beholden to selling only those products.

Independent agents typically work with multiple insurance providers and can, therefore, arrange policies selected from a more diverse inventory.

What Are Some Advantages of Working With Independent Agents?

Working with an independent agent may garner many opportunities and benefits, such as the following:

  • Nonbiased advice—While working with multiple insurance companies, independent agents may be objective when recommending coverage options.
  • Personalization—If you have unique circumstances that lead to specific insurance needs, independent agents’ ability to browse the offerings of multiple insurance companies may make it more likely that you find optimal coverage.
  • Lower rates—Independent agents may be able to sell a wider variety or products, meaning it may be possible to find discounts and lower rates.
  • Simplification—Independent agents may often have versatile experience across many types of coverage, meaning that you may be able to satisfy all your insurance needs with limited points of contact.

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