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Home » Minor Violation and Accident Forgiveness
January 27, 2022

Minor Violation and Accident Forgiveness

Minor violation and accident forgiveness features may be a part of your auto insurance policy, or they may be added to the existing policy. If you have a clean driving record, these programs may forgive a minor traffic violation or an accident by not raising your premiums.  

The professionals at McCartan Insurance Group, Inc. in Des Moines, Iowa, can discuss these aspects of your insurance plan. Contact us today for additional information. 

What Is Minor Violation Forgiveness? 
If you have a clean driving record, you may be eligible for minor violation forgiveness. Typically, this coverage provides forgiveness if you receive a minor traffic citation from law enforcement; this means that your rates generally won’t increase after receiving a ticket.  

Different insurance providers have particular terms and conditions for this program. You will want to make sure to know what your insurance considers a minor violation. You will also want to note how to be eligible for this coverage. For instance, your policy might specify that this may be utilized after a three-year period of no minor traffic citations.  Car Fender Bender

What Is Accident Forgiveness? 
Accident forgiveness coverage is similar to minor violation forgiveness in that your insurance premiums generally will not increase if you are in an accident and have a good driving record. Different policies have different applications of accident forgiveness. For example, your coverage may have specifics regarding: 

  • If accident forgiveness is included in your policy or if it is available as an add-on 

  • If at-fault accident claims are treated differently than not-at-fault accident claims  

  • If small accidents are treated differently than large accidents 

  • If accident forgiveness is available upon policy purchase  

  • What qualifications are necessary to be eligible for accident forgiveness 

  • If accident forgiveness applies per policy or per driver 

Additionally, some policies may provide this coverage as a reward for maintaining a good driving record, and some may lower your rates if you remain accident-free. Consult with your agent for more details. 

How Do I Get Minor Violation and Accident Forgiveness? 
To secure minor violation and accident forgiveness, work with your insurance agent to discuss your options. Your agent will be able to describe the available policies, how they apply and how they may affect your auto insurance rates. 

The McCartan Insurance Group has professionals on staff that can help you choose the best coverage for your needs. Call us today at 515.633.2273 for more information or a quote.